Services Provided by Specialized Histopathology Services - Longwood Core

Technical Contact:  
Teri Bowman : 617-525-9394

Core Location:
Brigham and Womens Hospital
75 Francis St. Thorn 604/603B Drop-Off/Pick-up Hrs 11-3:30pm or by Appt. Tax ID# 04-2312909

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Histopathology Services
  Conventional Histology Services
   Tissue Trimming and Cassetting - Paraffin
   Processing- Paraffin
   Embedding- Paraffin
   Creation of Frozen Block in OCT
   Cell Pellet Preparation
   10-50 Micron Scrolls
   H&E Stain [Paraffin & Frozen]
   Sectioning [Paraffin & Frozen]
   Jumbosette [2x3] Tissue Trimming and Cassetting
   Jumbosette [2x3] Processing
   Jumbosette [2x3] Embedding
   Jumbosette [2x3] Sectioning
   Jumbosette [2x3] H&E Stain
  Histological Staining - Bacteria, Fungi, and Inclusion Bodies
   Ziehl Neelsen Method for Acid Fast Bacteria [Class I]
   Grocott's Method for Fungi [GMS] [Class IV]
   Brown and Brenn Method for Gram +/ Bacteria [Class III]
   WarthinStarry Method for Spirochetes [Class IV]
  Histological Staining - Carbohydrate and Mucoproteins
   Congo Red for Amyloid [Class II]
   Crystal Violet for Amyloids [Class II]
   Periodic AcidSchiff's [PAS] [Class I]
   Mayer's Mucicarmine Method for Mucin and Cryptococcus [Class II]
   Alcian Blue for Mucosubstances [Class I]
   Collodial Iron for Acid Mucopolysaccarides [Class II]
   Jones Methemine Silver for Basement Membrane and Kidney Disease [Class IV]
  Histological Staining - Connective Tissue and Muscle
   Mallory's Aniline Blue Collagen Stain [Class I]
   Mallory's Phosphotungstic Acid Hematoxylin Method [PTAH] [Class III]
   Wilder's Method for Reticulum [Class III]
   Verhoeff's Elastin Stain for Elastic Fibers [Class IV]
   Movat's Pentachrome [Class IV]
   Safranin O for Cartilage [Class II]
   Picrosirius Red For Cardiac Muscle [Class II]
   Trichrome Masson [Class III]
  Histological Staining - Cytoplasmic Granules
   FontanaMasson Silver Method for Argentaffin Granules [Class IV]
   Toluidine Blue for Mast Cells [Class I]
  Histological Staining - Fats and Lipids
   Oil Red O [Class III]
   Sudan Black B [Class III]
  Histological Staining - Hematologic and Nuclear Elements
   MayGruneald Giemsa Method [Class III]
   Cresyl Violet- Vogt's [Class II]
  Histological Staining - Nerve Cells and Fibers
   Bielschowski's Silver Method [Class IV]
   Bodian's Method for Nerve Fibers and Nerve Endings [Class IV]
   PTAH for CNS Tissue [Class IV]
   Luxol Fast Blue [Class III]
  Histological Staining - Pigments and Minerals
   VonKossa's Method for Calcium [Class IV]
   Prussian Blue for Iron [Class I]
   Alizarin Red [Class IV]
Immunohistochemistry [IHC] Services
  Standardized IHC
   Single Staining IHC with Antibody [Bond Platform]
   Single Staining IHC without Antibody [Bond Platform]
   Double Staining IHC with Antibody [Bond Platform]
   Double Staining IHC without Antibody [Bond Platform]
   Single Staining IHC with Antibody [Ventana Platform]
   Double Staining IHC with Antibody [Ventana Platform]
   Each Additional IHC Ab Multi-plex Staining
   Single Staining IHC Amplified Optiview [Ventana Platform]
  Antibody Optimization [Abs must be provided by investigator]
   Ab Optimization- Commercial & Novel Antibodies
   Ab Optimization- Initial Double Staining Optimization
   Ab Optimization- Commercial & Novel Antibodies [Ventana Platform]
   Ab Optimization- Initial Double Staining Optimization [Ventana Platform]
Equipment Training and Unassisted Use
  Fluorescence Microscope
   Unassisted Use- Fluorescence Microscope [EVOS Only]
   Fluorescence Microscope Training [EVOS Only]
  SHL- Supplies
   Slide Storage Boxes [25 slide capacity]
   Slide Storage Boxes [100 slide capacity]
   RNAse Away
   Control Slide: Phospho-Markers
   Signal Amplification
   Handling Charge
   Tall Slide Box, 25 slides [2x3 slides]
   Tall Slide Box, 100 slides [2x3 slides]
   Filoslide 9 Slide Tray- Cardboard
Supplementary Support
  Technical Support
   SHL- Technical Assistance and Consultation
   SHL- Technical Support- NeuroPath Services
  Professional Support
   SHL- Core Pathologist Support [Pre-approval required]
   SHL- Non-Core Pathologist Support [Pre-approval required]
In Situ Hybridization [ISH] Services
  SHL- In Situ Hybridization
   CISH Services [reagents provided by customer]
   FISH Services [reagents provided by customer]
Immunofluorescent Staining
  Immunofluorescent [IF] Staining
   Standardized Single IF Staining
   Standardized Double IF Staining
   IF Optimization- Commercial & Novel Antibodies
   IF Optimization- Initial Double Staining
   Each Additional IF Ab Multi-plex Staining
   Fluorescent Image Snapshot [EVOS Only]
Pathology Specimen Services
  SHL- Block/Slide Retrieval & Associated Services
   Block Retrieval- BWH
   Original H&E Slide Retrieval- BWH
   Block Retrieval- BWH Faulkner
   Original H&E Slide Retrieval- BWH Faulkner
   Unstained Slide- BWH Faulkner
   H&E Stained Slide- BWH Faulkner
   Paraffin Scrolls- BWH Faulkner
   Block Retrieval- MGH
   Original H&E Slide Retrieval- MGH
   Unstained Slide- MGH
   H&E Stained Slide- MGH
   Paraffin Scrolls- MGH
   Block Storage & Management [180 Days]
   Block Selection by Core Staff
   Case or Block Selection by Pathologist