Harvard Medical Area Core Management System


Tissue Microarray & Imaging

[Effective as of 07/13/2024]


All services are provided as a fee for service function to recover expenses for services rendered. In the event that results are not what you anticipated, we must still recoup our expenses and payment is required.

Contact Lauri Wyner, DF/HCC Pathology Cores Administration Manager at 617-432-4947 or lauri_wyner@hms.harvard.edu

Contact the core facility directly. Teri Bowman @ 617-525-9394 or tbowman@partners.org

Tissue Microarray & Imaging
Core Director: Sabina Signoretti
Location: Brigham and Womens Hospital
20 Shattuck Street Thorn 603C Drop-Off/Pick-up Hrs 10-3:30pm or by Appt., MA, 02115

UnitMemberInternalExternal AcademicExternal Industry

Equipment Training and Unassisted Use

UnitMemberInternalExternal AcademicExternal Industry

TMI- Supplies and Misc Charges
Cardboard Eppendorf Storage BoxEach$7.88$7.88$11.34$15.66
Tissue Cassette Storage Unit DrawerEach$18.38$18.38$26.46$36.53
Slide Storage Boxes [25 slide capacity]Each$4.73$4.73$6.81$9.40
Slide Storage Boxes [100 slide capacity]Each$7.09$7.09$10.20$14.09
RNAse AwayRequest$10.50$10.50$15.12$20.86
Handling Charge [TMI]Shipment$10.50$10.50$15.12$20.86

UnitMemberInternalExternal AcademicExternal Industry

Supplementary Support
Technical Support
TMI- Technical TMA Assistance and Consultationhour$59.67$89.06$128.24$177.00
Professional Support
TMI- TMA Pathologist & ConsultationHour$119.22$177.95$256.24$353.67

UnitMemberInternalExternal AcademicExternal Industry

Tissue Microarray Services
TMI-TMA Construction, Sectioning and H&E
Core Punch Charge for TMA ConstructionCore$12.06$18.00$25.92$35.77
TMA Block Set-upblock$160.80$240.00$345.60$477.00
Sectioning [Paraffin & Frozen]Slide$4.02$6.00$8.64$11.92
H&E Stain [Paraffin & Frozen]Slide$4.69$7.00$10.08$13.91
Core Punch Only for DNA [no construction or isolation]Core$6.03$9.00$12.96$17.88
Core Punch Only for RNA [no construction or isolation]Core$5.69$8.50$12.24$16.89
10-50 Micron ScrollsScroll$4.02$6.00$8.64$11.92
Paraffin Slide DippingSlide$16.75$25.00$36.00$49.68

UnitMemberInternalExternal AcademicExternal Industry

Digital Imaging Services
TMI-Bright Field Imaging Services
Bright Field Imaging at 20x [Std Slide]Slide$16.75$25.00$36.00$49.68
Bright Field Imaging at 40x [Std Slide]Slide$23.45$35.00$50.40$69.56
Bright Field Imaging at 20x [TMA Slide]Slide$120.60$180.00$259.20$357.75
Bright Field Imaging at 40x [TMA Slide]Slide$134.00$200.00$288.00$397.50
TMI-Miscellaneous Image Services
Image Analysis ToolsSlide$23.78$35.50$51.12$70.55
Image File Transfer 16GB [Core Provided Drive Only]Drive$20.00$20.00$28.80$39.75
Image File Transfer 1TB [Core Provided Drive Only]Drive$75.00$75.00$108.00$149.06
Digital Image Storage [2 YR up to 2GB]Request$6.70$10.00$14.40$19.87
Digital Image Storage [2 YR more than 2GB]Request$30.15$45.00$64.80$89.43
TMI-Immunofluorescent Imaging Services
IF Imaging at 20x [1-3 Plex]Slide$33.50$50.00$72.00$99.37
IF Imaging at 40x [1-3 Plex]Slide$50.25$75.00$108.00$149.06
IF Imaging at 20x [4 or More Plex]Slide$50.25$75.00$108.00$149.06
IF Imaging at 40x [4 or More Plex]Slide$60.30$90.00$129.60$178.87